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August 21st - 24th 2023
Frankfurt, Germany


The understanding and design of interfaces is technologically more relevant than ever. In this spirit, the International Conference on Organized Molecular Films (ICOMF) will now take place for the 18th time after it started in 1982 under the title LB Conference.

This international event, which alternatingly takes place in Asia, the Americas and Europe, brings together scientists from all over the world for a week of scientific exchange and networking. Based on a common interest in interfacial science, the community is very diverse, spanning from medical science through biology, chemistry and physics into the area of engineering. Therefore, this conference will host sessions such as tissue engineering, Langmuir-Blodgett films, surface-mounted metal-organic frameworks and nanoelectronics.

In a continuation of the tradition, the ICOMF 18/LB 18 meeting will in particular be a platform for young scientists, for some of which the meeting will be the first time to present their research. Flash talks will drive the audience to the poster sessions and generous poster awards will provide additional impetus for excellent presentations, with the idea that the students of today will be the science leaders of the future. In the hope to attract many young scientists, the conference fee for this group is significantly below the one of the established colleagues.

The location for ICOMF 18/ LB 18, Frankfurt in Germany, has been strategically chosen for easy reachability, but also because it is within one of the most vivid science regions in Germany. In addition, the city with its unique mixture of historic sites and high rises, surrounded by a lovely countryside, invites to enjoy the stay also before and after the science sessions.

We look forward to a lively exchange over a glass of our world famous apple wine!

Prof. Dr. Andreas Terfort
Goethe University Frankfurt





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